New Ultra Marathon added to our adventure race series

We are delighted to add the Grand Canyon ultra to our adventure race series – dates for your diary 2-9 October 2010.

This fantastic new race will be run in 24 hours across the vast, wild and remote area of the Grand Canyon North Rim, which remains untamed and isolated – an uplifted, forested plateau surrounded by desert..

The ultra marathon is 126km to be covered in 24 hours!  You will be self reliant – carrying your food, water and survival equipment.

Men’s Fitness Magazine out now!

Go grab your copy of Men’s Fitness magazine to view some fantastic coverage about Across the Divide’s Namibia 24 hour ultra marathon.

Team Men’s Fitness went out and literally conquered with one of them coming in first….just. The race is gruelling and extreme but all runners did phenomenally well,  and the camaraderie was exceptional.

Join us in 2010 on the 24 hour Namibia Ultra Marathon

Ultra Runners arrive in Namibia…

Our team of runners have arrived in Namibia ahead of the 24-hour marathon on Saturday.   Over 20 runners will be taking part in this extreme event covering 126km in 24-hours.  The blog will be updated on Saturday for more news on the race and how everyone is doing……

Men’s Fitness join us on the Namibia Ultra Training Weekend

We are delighted that Men’s Fitness are joining us on the Namibia Ultra Marathon coming up in April. Team Men’s Fitness, as they are known, came down to Somerset last weekend to take part in our training weekend. We had previous runners of the race come along, lots of lengthy runs and the event Doctor on hand to give advice on dehydration. It was a great weekend and you can find out more how the team got on on their blog.

ATD and Expedition and Wilderness Medicine team up for Commonwealth Championships

Expedition and Wilderness Medicine

Expedition and Wilderness Medicine

Expedition & Wilderness Medicine are to provide the medical cover for the Commonwealth Championship for Mountain ATD Adventure RacingRunning and Ultra Distance. The events will run over four days in September 2009, and Keswick has been chosen as the venue.

Expedition & Wilderness Medicine Director, Dr Sean Hudson is acting as the Medical Director for the event and overseeing the medical care for the many international and local competitors who will be involved in a number high profile races. In conjunction with ATD Adventure Racing they will be managing the medical logistics and communication for the event.

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Namibian Ultra Marathon – The toughest footrace on earth? By Jayne Freer

Heading up to checkpoint 2

Namib Ultra Marathon. Heading up to checkpoint 2

As memories of the aches, pains and blisters begin to fade for the 35 000 runners who competed in the  London Marathon, a handful may now be looking to take on an even bigger challenge to push their limits further. With the infamous Marathon des Sables booked up until 2011, what is left for those athletes brave and mad enough to take their running to the next level? I travelled to Africa with nine runners of all ages and from all walks of life for the first-ever Namibian 24-hour Ultra Marathon and now ask: Could this be the toughest footrace on earth?

It’s 8:00 and the sun is slowly creeping over the tip of the Brandberg. The temperature is already rising.

One-by-one, nine male runners emerge from their tents with a look of nervous but eager anticipation in their eyes. Each is about to embark on a remarkable journey that will remain etched in their minds forever.

The setting is the striking but forbidding Namib Desert. The event, the first-ever Namibian Ultra Marathon, which kicks off in just under an hour’s time.

Racing 120 kilometres in 24 hours, competitors will battle it out along the dusty gravel plains, dry riverbeds and vast sand expanses of the oldest desert in the world, before passing through the spectacular Messum Crater and finishing at one of the most hostile coastlines on earth, the Skeleton Coast.

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Across the Divide Namib Ultra Marathon Results

The Namibia 24 hour Ultra Race has just finished and we are delighted to announce the winners:

Tom Maguire, Winner of the Namibia Ultra Marathon




Picture: Tom Maguire winner of the Namibia Ultra Race, coming into checkpoint 3, just over halfway at 62km

1. Tom Maguire, 17 hours, 15 minutes

2. Andrew McMenemy, 21 hours, 40 minutes

3. Joakim (Rolf) Jonsson, 22 hours, 24 minutes – who has never run a marathon before!

4. Kenneth Dunne, 23 hours, 22 minutes

4. Alan Logue, 23 hours, 22 minutes

6. William May, 23 hours, 26 minutes

7. Pete Holdgate, 23 hours, 39 minutes

7. Bill Martin, 32 hours, 39 minutes

9. Chris McCarthy, DNF

The 120km route traversed gravel plains framed by distant ridges and mountains, running past dramatic upheavals of granite inselbergs. All participants remained self sufficient over the 24 hour period, carrying all their own food and equipment – although water was provided at every checkpoint. Nine runners completed the race.

All runners thought the race was very well organised, a great route and one of the toughest challenges ever. “It was hot, it was hard, it was awesome! A true adventure! This is a MUST for individuals who wish to test their limits on physical and mental endurancePete Holdgate, who finished in joint 7th place.

Tom the ‘coolest marathon runner’, is already a record holder of the North Pole Marathon (2007) so now adds one of the hottest marathons to his list of achievements.

The Namibia Ultra Race is part of a new series of running events launched by Across the Divide. Steve Clark, from Across the Divide and an ultra marathon runner himself explains: “These races are designed to attract the attention of experienced marathon runners, charity fundraisers and charitable organisations, our adventure series can help gain the interest of sponsors by being out of the ordinary. “