Trekking in Jordan

Jordan is a country with a tourist circuit well defined by the caravans of luxury tour buses; land in Amman then down the Kings Highway visit a couple of crusader castle, then wonder at the incredible beauty of the ancient Nabataeans capital of Petra with a quick sojourn into the mind-blowing desert landscape of Wadi Rum.

You are likely to meet the same tour groups at the same viewpoints, scenic highlights and shopping experiences.

However, it is possible to break away from the masses and enjoy incredible sights in solitary splendour, your are hardly going somewhere where ‘no man has stepped before’ but that’s the joy of this area in its wider sense of the neighbourhood of Syria and Israel, you are after all stepping in the footsteps of ancient history from biblical characters to Edonomites, Romans and Nabataeans but on the edge of the Rift Valley as the mountains tumble in the Dead Sea Valley there is some spectacular trekking and exploration to be had for the adventurous traveller.   Into the magical nature reserve of Dana or down the little known Wadi Jhuir with a canyon or ‘siq’ as they are known locally that easily surpasses in both its length and geological interest its more famous cousin at the entrance to Petra.   Its lacks the Kaznah or Treasury at its terminus but does boast a number of Neolithic ‘tells’ – ancient settlement mounds and the famous Roman copper mines at Finan and a number of timeless Bedouin campsites.

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Charity Challenges for 2009 | Open Events

Raise money for a charity of your chioce with our Open Challenges for 2009

Our new open events pages on our website are proving very popular.  You can view itineraries, see what it’s really like with fantastic images and testimonials, PLUS register for an event online. Events include:

India Bike Ride – March 2009  | Jordan Trek  | Petra – May 2009  | Climb Kilimanjaro – September 2009  | Namibia Project – October 2009  | Everest Base Camp – November 2009   

For further details visit the Across the Divide chView this Postarity challenge website  

NEW Europe Events | Launched

We now have a great selection of UK and European Open Events:

Dog sledding | Arctic Circle- January 2009 and dates for 2010!

Jordan Trek | Petra- May 2009

Just Walk | Sussex – May 2009

Three Cities European cycle | London-Amsterdam-Brussels – June 2009

Spanish Ultra Race | Andulacia – July 2009

Remember with our open events you can raise funds for the charity of your choice!