ATD director visits South Georgia Island resting place of Sir Ernest Shackleton

In March of this year Mark Hannaford was lucky enough to get a fantastic photographic project down to South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands with the Scott Polar Research Institute ( ) and the South Georgia Heritage Trust ( ).

Mark tells us about this project, SPRI and the amazing history behind these islands.

“Prior to landing I asked a colleague, well known naturalist Dr Peter Cary, if it was realistic to compare South Georgia with the Galapagos Islands and his reply ‘only if you want to downplay South Georgia’. Which surprised me but the islands lived up to and exceeded any expectations that I had.

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Explore Nepal

Charity Treks in Nepal

We offer two fantastic trips to Nepal the Pike Peak and Everest Base Camp expeditions.

The Pike Peak trek takes you to one of the most beautiful and remote parts of the Himalayas. This is a very rewarding challenge when you reach the summit of the Pike Peak at just over 4,000 metres. Why not join Concern Worldwide on this fantastic challenge.

The Everest Base Camp Charity Expedition is the ultimate trekking challenge. The trek passes through some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. Panoramas at this altitude 5,545m are awesome, so why not join the Child Welfare Scheme on this challenge of a lifetime.

For further details on our Nepal trips click here.

Raise money for your charity in 2009 with an charity trek with Across the Divide

Across the Divide has a wide range of charity adventures for 2009 here are two of our latest ideas.

India Bike | 7-16 March 2009

An exhilarating journey as we pass tribal villages, temples and dramatic ruined forts. Finishing with a visit to the spectacular Taj Mahal.

Jordan Trek | 9-16 May 2009 

Our journey from Finan to Petra passes through lavish green valleys, steppe and mountain landscapes before finally arriving at the magnificent rose city of Petra.

Our new Open Events pages on our website are proving very popular. You can view itineraries, see what it’s really like with fantastic images and testimonials, PLUS register for an event online.

For further details visit the Across the Divide charity challenge website.

Find out what it’s really like on The Great Wall of China Trek, Don Mullan tells all

China, a land on contrasts

Don Mullan has recently been to China, to Trek the Great Wall for Children in Crossfire with Across the Divide

Don has kindly written about this charity trek, which includes the school visit, the Great Wall itself and the friendships he has made along the journey.

To view Don’s article click here.

Our China trek offers a truly unique experience. Aside from the spectacular scenery of the Great Wall and the surrounding countryside, one of the most rewarding aspects of this trek is the rare opportunity to trek and camp in a remote part of rural China and to experience local life in its most unspoilt state. The Great Wall attracts over a million visitors each year. However, the vast majority of tourists visit a small section of the wall near Beijing. We have planned a route that will take us beyond the regular tourist trail and onto sections of the wall that have only been seen by a handful of westerners over the last hundred years.   Find out more here.

‘I had the most fantastic time trekking along the Great wall. It was an experience I will never forget. I have not laughed and enjoyed myself so much for a long time’. Andrea, China trekker

Expedition equipment in 1955

We all know how important it is to take the right equipment.

Well take note of the miscellaneous items taken on a British expedition to Kanchenjunga in 1955.

25,000 cigarettes, 284 boxes of matches, 120 batteries, 100 candles, 100 bulbs, 100 tool kits, 30 torches, 16lbs of tobacco, 6 hurricane lamps, 3 spring balances, 2 altimeters, 2 pair of binoculars, 1 hairdressing set!

Source: Mick Conefrey, ‘A teacup in a storm, an explorer’s guide to life’.

Iceland – Adventure racing for charity

The places for the ICELAND LAUGAVEGUR ULTRA MARATHON  are filling fast so if you are looking for a training goal for the summer sign up now for this great race – described by Steve Clark Across the Divide’s Race Director as ‘one of the best runs in Europe’.

The “Laugavegur” course is one of the most beautiful in Iceland, stretching from Landmannalaugar in the highlands to Thorsmork, a natural reservation area.

Adventure Racing in Iceland 

Adventure Racing

What it’s really like on an ATD trek?

Read all about a recent ATD trek 

If you have ever wondered what it was like on an ATD trek then read all about Katie’s time in the Sahara Desert with the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign 

There had been so much to do. Like any trip away from home all the last minute tasks had to be done. Animals to sort, fridge to empty and of course packing – not just for myself but for Laura too, who was off to Mum & Dad’s

Trek for charity in Morocco www.acrossthedivide

with Peugeot her hamster and Bracken. Skiboat the cat was house-sitting here.

My great friend Nick had offered to house my car and drive us to the airport so we were delivered in style to the door of terminal 2. It didn’t take more than a glance to spot the assembling group of trekkers in their bright orange Muscular Dystrophy Campaign T-shirts. I have to say, and those of you who know me will laugh, I had oops, accidentally forgotten to bring my oversized, baggy, droopy, bright orange T-shirt! It….

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