Additional seats on our China Challenge in April 2010

Due to huge demand we have managed to secure some more seats on our Great Wall of China Challenge in April 2010.

Our China trek offers a truly unique experience. Not only is it a chance to visit one of the world’s most impressive historical sites but also, as a result of our local contacts, it offers a rare opportunity to trek and camp in a remote part of rural China and to experience local life in its most unspoilt state. In order to maximise the opportunities for interaction and learning about the local history and culture, a team of local translators support all our treks in China.  Join us now on this amazing charity challenge.

New Hong Kong route inspection carried out

An important part of who Across the Divide are as an organisation is the effort we put into planning, safety and organisation of the challenges, walks, multi activity, and CSR programs the we run and an important part of this with the overseas challenges is the site visit.

The function of the site visit is, in simple terms, a walk-through of the challenge but it is much more than that as at the same time a risk assessment is carried out, local medical facilities checked and visited, worst case casualty evacuation plans drawn up, campsite and hotels checked amongst a host of other functions.

In May our Hong Kong trek was checked out by Across the Divide managing director Mark Hannaford

I was surprised arriving in Hong Kong that I was not immediately engulfed in an urban machine and surrounded by concrete rather we drove in the opposite direction and ended up in some of the most spectacular tropical mountain scenery I have seen- a compete contrast to what I expected of Hong Kong and I have to say more enjoyable as a result.

To find out more about this challenge visit the Hong Kong page on the Across the Divide website.