Sarah Outen – makes it with a little help from EWM!! The first Britian to row in the India Ocean and the first female ever!

Sarah Outen in a breathtaking achievement and with a little help in terms of support and training from Expedition and Wilderness Medicine has successfully become the first Britian and the first woman ever to row across the Indian Ocean and the youngest woman to solo any ocean- massive congratulations to her from us

A very exciting, record-breaking, and ever so slightly crazy sort of challenge. It involved my little boat, the Indian Ocean and lots of chocolate. April Fools Day 2009 I set out from  Western Australia in a bid to become the first woman to row solo across  this ocean.  124 days later after 4,000 miles, having eaten all my chocolate, faced storms and mid-ocean capzies , I landed in Mauritius.  It was raw and elemental – just as adventure should be.

Find out more about Sarah’s epic row at  or donate online via JustGiving

Landing at the end of the record breaking row

Landing at the end of the record breaking row


Innovative CSR and team building Project for Simplyhealth

Across the Divide worked with the Simplyhealth Project team to design a CSR project that was worthwhile, innovative, sustainable and made ‘more people feel better’.

Simplyhealth is a group of healthcare businesses that have joined together with the common purpose of helping more people feel better and engaged with Across the Divide to provide an innovative Corporate Social Responsibility Project.

The solution as partnership between Simplyhealth and the Goias State Government in Brazil providing matched funding, ongoing staff and equipment resourcing to build a small state healthcare centre in rural Brazil to serve the Kalunga people.

I’ve never been so proud in my life as when we stood in front of the building ready to hand it over to the villagers. Boyd Galloway

We chose Across the Divide to source and plan our trip, primarily because of the principles that underpin the way that they work. From the very first meeting we had, what they stood for shone through, and it meant a lot to us that they weren’t after a quick buck – they genuinely cared about the community we would be helping and the wellbeing of our staff. Charlotte Willis, Simplyhealth.

Find out more about Across the Divide’s Corporate Social Responsibility solutions for companies by emailing Mark Hannaford here.

Just Walk 2009

Just Walk 2009

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Just Walk is bigger and better for 2009, we have added some new distances to suit all ages and levels of stamina.   Now you can choose either 60km, 40km, 20km or 10km routes.   So get your walking boots on and hike for the charity of your choice.    

Charity Dog Sledding 2009

Dogsled for charity in the Arctic Circle

We have a record number of Dog Sledding events heading out to Norway and the Arctic Circle next year – eleven in total and that doesnt’ include our two Polar Medicine Courses!  

Three of those trips are our open events which you can raise funds for the charity of your choice.    For further details click here.

NEW Europe Events | Launched

We now have a great selection of UK and European Open Events:

Dog sledding | Arctic Circle- January 2009 and dates for 2010!

Jordan Trek | Petra- May 2009

Just Walk | Sussex – May 2009

Three Cities European cycle | London-Amsterdam-Brussels – June 2009

Spanish Ultra Race | Andulacia – July 2009

Remember with our open events you can raise funds for the charity of your choice!

Prince’s Trust Capgemini Wild UK Challenge 2008

Extreme weather does not halt another awesome challenge on Exmoor. 150 people rose above the elements over the weekend to complete the Capgemini Wild UK Challenge and in the process raised over £100,000 for the Prince’s Trust. 30 teams took on the hiking, navigating, kayaking and mountain biking despite some of the worst weather of the year. Torrential rain through Friday and into Saturday turned the tracks to streams and the camps into mud baths, but thanks to amazing sprit from the competitors and endless hard work from the Across the Divide Team the event was a huge success and a great experience for all involved.

The winning team was Avanade Athletic with a record score. They like all teams involved took on the event with great energy and big smiles and despite the wet weather the event ended in the sunshine after 3 days and 100 miles through this stunning part of the West Country.

Raise money for your charity in 2009 with an charity trek with Across the Divide

Across the Divide has a wide range of charity adventures for 2009 here are two of our latest ideas.

India Bike | 7-16 March 2009

An exhilarating journey as we pass tribal villages, temples and dramatic ruined forts. Finishing with a visit to the spectacular Taj Mahal.

Jordan Trek | 9-16 May 2009 

Our journey from Finan to Petra passes through lavish green valleys, steppe and mountain landscapes before finally arriving at the magnificent rose city of Petra.

Our new Open Events pages on our website are proving very popular. You can view itineraries, see what it’s really like with fantastic images and testimonials, PLUS register for an event online.

For further details visit the Across the Divide charity challenge website.