Greenland Trek with Friends of Scott Polar Research Institute

Greenland Trek 2009 with Friends of Scott Polar Research Institute by Robin Back

Why are the Friends so interested in a sponsored trek to Greenland?

The Institute’s scientific work encompasses study of the glaciology of the Kangya Ice stream and it’s contributory ice mass contained in the Greenland Ice Cap. In an interview, Professor Julian Dowdeswell, Director of the SPRI, said : “The Greenland Ice Sheet, at 1.7 M km2, is one of the World’s two great ice sheets. If melted completely, its waters would raise global sea level by about 6 m. The Greenland Ice Sheet is drained mainly by ten fast-flowing ice streams that each produce very large numbers of icebergs. Iceberg production, together with strong melting on the underside of the floating margins of each ice stream, is the major mechanism of mass loss from the ice sheet. Continue reading

NEW Europe Events | Launched

We now have a great selection of UK and European Open Events:

Dog sledding | Arctic Circle- January 2009 and dates for 2010!

Jordan Trek | Petra- May 2009

Just Walk | Sussex – May 2009

Three Cities European cycle | London-Amsterdam-Brussels – June 2009

Spanish Ultra Race | Andulacia – July 2009

Remember with our open events you can raise funds for the charity of your choice!

Find out what’s it like on a dog sledding trip?

Micheal McGrail has recently taken part in our dog sledding trip with Concern Worldwide, here he writes all about his time in Norway the ups and downs, the terrain, the cold weather and of course his dogs.  Micheal went on the trip not knowing anyone and soon made life long friends.  

Read about Micheal’s arctic adventure here.

To find out more about Dog sledding events click here.